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Tick & Mosquito Control New Haven CT

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Are you having mosquito or tick issues? Give us a call today. 84% of homes in the US suffer from pest control issues. With a population of over 129,000 there are many homes in the New Haven CT area that need tick and mosquito control services.

Mosquito and Tick Stop LLC offers mosquito and tick control in New Haven CT. We are able to come out to you if you are experiencing an infestation. We offer a wide variety of services that can help you with your pest problem.

Call us today at: (203) 890-0008

Mosquito Control Services in New Haven CT:

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Mosquito Barrier Spray

Our mosquito barrier spray will help rid your backyard of annoying mosquitoes during the summer.

Disease Protection

Mosquitoes can carry a wide variety of diseases. By using our services you can keep your family save from sicknesses.

Tick Control in New Haven CT

Tick Spray

Our tick spray will help keep ticks away from you and your family. Ticks carry many diseases like mosquitoes and having too many of them can cause problems.

Our team has years of experience ind dealing with ticks. We’ll make sure to target all the areas around your house that attract ticks with our tick spray in order to reduce them.

Call us today at: (203) 890-0008

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